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Baking Bread in Boston

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Baking Bread in Boston


I'm pretty new to baking bread, within the year or so, and brand new to this forum.  I am looking to buy bread flour in bulk in the Boston area.  Also looking for any other bread baking tips for the Boston area, favorite spot to buy supplies, loaf pans, etc.




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Postal Grunt

When you're looking for equipment, you should consider bookmarking This site has links to all sorts of store coupons such as Borders and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. There is usually a 33% coupon available online for Borders if you join the Borders Rewards club. That makes buying your recipe books cheaper. Borders also has a service that helps you buy used copies of books from other bookstores if you don't mind a little stain or margin note in your used copy. There's a 20% off coupon available presently for B,B,&B at that Dealigg site. That's a help because most of the stuff you find you need is never on sale when you really, really need it. can be a resource for some of the more specialized gear such as bannetons. A resturant supply store may also have some of the more specialized gear but learn to bake your bread before you indulge in the specialized toys.