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Walnut bread from Korea

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Walnut bread from Korea

Hello All,

I'm a Korean home baker with 4years baking experience.

In most of Korean bakeries, they make some cakes and pies and sweet breads. Hard rolls are not popular here.

You can find some baguette. However, the baguette is not pure sometimes. They add milk, cheese, butter, sugar, etc.


When I traveled European countries, I tasted some really nice breads and I decided to make something like it by myself.

I studied from this website and some books.


This is the latest version of my study - my daily bread.



Bread cut



  • Whole wheat flour 400g

  • Water 850g

  • Pressed oat 100g

  • Molt 1g (1tea spoon)

  • Instant dry yeast 15g

  • Sea salt 17g

Mix them all, cover with plastic wrap and leave in room temperature for 30minute.

  • Bread flour 800g
  • Walnut 200g - pieced as you like
  • Grape seed oil 200g
Mix the sponge and bread flour just until no flour shown. Add walnut and grape seed oil and mix just until oil is fully mixed with dough. In a oiled bowl, put the dough and cover with plastic wrap. Place at room temperature for 10 minute.
Carefully take out the dough from the bowl on lightly oiled work place. Stretch and fold 4 sides of the dough and put it back to the oiled bowl. Cover and wait for 10 minute.

Take out and fold 3 more times with 10 minute interval as described above.
Let the dough rise double of its original size in room temperature. Divide dough and make two big loaves.
Cover with cloth and let rise for 45 minute at room temperature. Bake at 230oC preheated oven 45 minute. I put one cup of boiled water in a bowl of preheated gravel to generate steam.
The final result is as above. Please advise me if I have something to improve.



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Looks declicious. You've done yourself proud.

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Nice loaves though you may want to do the following:

1 - Fold the dough throughout the bulk fermentation giving at least 30 minutes interval between the folds.

2 - You May need to be gentle with the dough while shaping it, so as not to degas it.

3 - From the looks of the crumb, you need a stone, or any baking surface that has a high thermal mass (pizza stone/ cast iron pan/ ...), as the bottom of your loafe is denser, and the top is lighter, which implies poor lower heat source.

Nice bake, nonetheless.

and welcome to TFL!


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Great suggestion.

1. 30minute interval for folding: I followed Peter Reinhart's book. Anyway, I'll try your method. One worry is total rising time of my dough is only one hour including folding time.

2. Yes, I need to treat it gentle. I'm practicing gentle handeling.

3. Of cause I want to have a nice one as below.

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That looks fantastic!

Are you able to find your ingredients locally?  I live in Suwon, and I had to go to Seoul to get rye flour.

Actually, I have another question, if you don't mind...  is flour here usually bleached or unbleached?  I can read enough Korean to find bread flour and whole wheat flour, but I'm worried about the white all purpose flour in my local HomePlus.