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Spreadsheet translator--volumetric recipe to gram wgts recipe

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sf mountain

Spreadsheet translator--volumetric recipe to gram wgts recipe

Does anyone know of an Excel spreadsheet type translation program that will turn a standard (American-style) volumetric recipe into a gram weight recipe? Being unable to find one, I have been working on a simple version: a spreadsheet that translates the whole recipe at once. Most conversion systems i've seen on the internet work on a one-ingredient-at-a-time basis; i like being able to translate the whole recipe at one fell swoop..


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there's a couple recent threads that point out no one can agree even on how much a cup of flour weighs - in ounces or grams - much less how things should be abbreviated or formatted.

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I struggled with this for a few months until someone simply encouraged me to buy a scale. They cost $20-$30 and really make the differenace. Flours are just too different in their moisture level and grind to make any formula work accurately. I'm glad I got one.

Computers have many uses, but making bread is not necessarily one of them.


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I too made the decision to use a scale for all but the smallest amounts of ingredients. The Soehnle I own can switch from ounces to grams (albeit, not that easily), but even living in the US, I find it much easier to use grams for making bread, especially since Van Over's book lists both.

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There is an Escali scale that will measure in volume, oz or grams.  I use it to translate recipes.  I don't believe it is too expensive...I think I got it from KIng Arthur.  It really is a great bridge from volume to weight.  pam

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Escali is what I have too, but shop locally, support local business, and save the shipping.

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This spreadsheet has both gram and ounce conversions.

Knowing how to use the bakers formula lets you convert any recipe.

By entering 4 values in the red cells the spreadsheet converts all quantities.

Buy some digital scales. They are a must to get consistancy from one bake to another.

Online ingredient converter can be found at


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wayne on FLUKE

I cut and pasted the following from a spreadsheet I use for converting volume. If you are interested in making it more general purpose, the ingedient list could be expanded. The other thing I thought about would be building a template/form where the user could enter the volume of each ingredient in one cell and select the volume units from a list in the next cell. I just used the units (tsp vs Tbs, etc) that seemed likely to me. I also compute Bakers Percentage, but didn't show it here.

Would be happy to discuss further or try out anything you have if you are interested in persuing this further.


Conversion Factors for Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Unit Grams
Flour 1 cup 120
Water 1 cup 236.59
Salt 1 tsp 5.69
Yeast 1 tsp 3.33
Sugar 1 tsp 4.18
Canola Oil 1 Tbs 13.16
Olive Oil 1 Tbs 11.98
Grinder/Hoagie Rolls
Ingredient Quantity Unit Grams
Flour 3.78 cup 453.59
Water 1.13 cup 266.16
Salt 1.63 tsp 9.24
Yeast 2.5 tsp 8.33
Sugar 3.38 tsp 14.12
Olive Oil 1.66 Tbs 19.88