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Hello from Germany

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Hello from Germany

Hello there!

My name is Marco and I am from Germany, in the mid-20s and recently found this wonderful bread community which I am really thankful for.

So how did I get here? Well, the story began this Feburary. I didn't have any serious bread baking experience before and some day I wanted to try to make pizza for dinner and picked a random recipe from the internet, one of the quick ones  with a lot of yeast that is done from start to finish in less than 2 hours. Needless to say, I wasn't really satisfied with it and asked myself why the pizza from restaurants tastes so much different. After a little bit of research I found out about things like "pizza stones" and "long and cold fermentation", both of which I had never heard before. So I just bought a pizza stone out of curiosity and tried to mess around with my dough without really knowing what I'm doing as I didn't really find useful information about indirect methods of developing doughs. I just put some ingredients together and kneaded them and put them in the fridge and kneaded them again and so on. When I finally baked the pizza, I was blown away by the taste of it.

Incidentally I found out that pizza stones are also useful for baking breads. And then my hunger for more information began to develop. Some time later I found this site and the recipe for the Poolish Ciabatta and I tried baking it. Although, based on my current experience in baking, it was a rather poor result (it was hardly browned and really flat), that time I was so happy to have made my first own "real" bread that even tasted like nothing I had ever bought in shops before.

Again a little later, I found out about sourdoughs. Luckily, I found a German website that gives detailed instructions so one week later I had my first own spelt sourdough. It actually took about two more months of caring for it before it really was strong enough to work without any additional yeast but it really changed my whole everyday life.

During the last months I became seriously infected with bread baking and tried out different kinds of bread and read a lot of online articles. A few days ago, I ordered some books like "Bread Science" to get a little more insight.


Although I'm still far away from producing really good and constant results, I am really happy about having started all this and really thankful for all the work that is done by all of you for providing all the really detailed and inspiring information. Even more I like the friendly atmosphere in this community, with people who always show a lot of patience and respect for each other.


In order to end my introduction, here is a picture of the what I've baked most recently: some croissants (without egg wash). I don't have a lot of experience with croissant doughs yet and I'm not the sweet pastry person in general, but I'm experimenting this week, so my dough isn't as smooth as it should be, but the crumb was really soft and tasty and you could seperate the inner dough layers from each other.




And here, since I don't know the English word for it, some "Nussschnecken" (Nuss = nut, Schnecken = snails) or "Nussplunder" (Plunder = sweet pastry made from croissant-like dough), which I baked a few minutes ago for tomorrow. Maybe I will glaze them with something, haven't decided yet. It's almost midnight here, so sorry for the cold lighting.




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My goodness, from pizza dough to sourdough to crossiants.  You've certainly done well in just seven months and I look forward to seeing more of your baking adventures.

Glad to have you here at TFL.

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This is a fasinating hobby/obbsesion. Great to see that you have acheived so much in so little time.

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Mini Oven

Nice looking nut filled rolls!  Apricot jam makes a great glaze.  Just warm it up a few seconds in the microwave, add a little honey if needed and paint on the rolls.  It can be done while the rolls are hot or cold.  The croissants look first class!

Mini in Austria

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I am in love!


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Thank you for all your warm comments. I've tried to follow your suggestion about the jam glaze and it worked perfectly fine. I just used jam from mirabelle plums instead as they are proliferating here in the garden and I have made about 50 glasses of them this summer. It made the rolls really shiny and gave a little extra kick in flavour.

The tutorial for laminated dough looks very interesting and contains a lot of useful information. I indeed had some of the problems described there, like the dough being resistant to rolling out, so now I have a better idea about the reasons for this. Thank you very much for the link.


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Thanks for sharing the tutorial!  I'm going to get started on that today.  Looks like an ideal shroud for a stuffed salmon Wellington.

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You have lovely results to show for your efforts.  The croissants look really fine, and the Nussschnecken look wonderful!

This site is full of information, and visited by generous, knowlegable people, so newbies like us can feel welcome, and learn quickly.  I'm glad you found us, and thanks for sharing.


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Welcome, I lived in Germany for awhile and absolutely loved the wonderful and huge variety of breads.  I hope we get some great recipes from you.  You already look like you have a good start.  And don't forget all the fantastic cookies and pastries!!!