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trouble uploading photos

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trouble uploading photos

hi.  I'm new here. 

I have tried a couple of times to post some photos- I don't know weather its me or the system? keeping in mind that I am a way better baker than computer geek... I don't know what half of your guys' computer acronyms mean.

I went to create content, then images and selected one and pressed upload and then I got to a blank screen, and my photo didn't appear in the photos gallery.  unless they don't show up for a couple of days... I tried 2 or 3 times, so i'm not sure.  or maybe they got posted somewhere else on the site.  anyone seenit?  it was a picture of some bread.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

any advice? 

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I internet provider is comcast they provide space for a webpage and file storage.  I upload my pictures to my storage space then link to that location.  I've never posted pictures there, but to do it when you post a comment, you click on the icon that says "insert/edit image".  Then I just type in the location of my photos.


Hope that helps.



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Hello Breadhotmama,

You can go to

There you can set up a free account.... by specifying a username & password.

You can then, upload pictures to your account. You will get a URL (web address) for each you upload, which you can specify in the Insert Image link Or in the Create content link on

Hope that help and is not too complicated

Best Wishes


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thanks, I'll give it a try!

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I've tried over and over and it does not work for me. I was able to put an image in the gallery but that works different than posting them here. I have photos in photobucket, I copy the URL, I paste, but when I press insert I get nothing. I'll look for your lost pictures of bread...that was too funny. Good luck. weavershouse