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Hi There!

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Hi There!

Hi all,

I must say this is the most info on bread I have ever seen!!

I have "played" with bread baking most of my adult life - not telling how long that is - LOL!!!  Even wore out a few (gasp) Zojirushi makers.

For the past 18 months, I have been grinding my own grain and baking all of our bread.  I just recently stripped a KA 600 Pro.  It is being sent off to the KA hospital and will be used for light-duty work only, when it returns.  I was very fortunate to have some FF miles that were about to expire and used those to order a Bosch Universal Plus with the Stainless Steel "Dough Bowl".  I hope I will like it and that it lives up to all the fantastic things I have heard about it.  I will admit my "dream" mixer is a Hobart.  I have 20 + years of grocery experience and we had 60 quart Hobart floor mixers.  I honestly believe they would mix concrete if asked.

After over a year of home baked bread my family wouldn't know what to do with "store-bought" - yech - neither would I.

I have mostly just used the recipe that came with the KA and modified that to include whole grains.  It makes a very nice loaf but, I am ready to try some different breads.  I have severe arthritis in my hands and wrists (currently in a cast) and I could not make bread without a mixer.  I do take it out of the mixer a little soon sometimes just because I like the feel of the bread when kneading.  I have several recent books by the big name bakers and will admit to not understanding much of it - that is why I am here - to learn!!!

The main reason I started baking was to try and replicate the pan-rolls the cooks baked when I was in high school - TDF!!!!  Daughter attended the same high school and many of the same cooks were still there.  I always got very excited when we would attend a school function as I knew I would get a pan roll!!!  How sad is that:)

I am very happy to be here and am looking forward to learning lots from all of you!

Thank you,

Cathy Stoddard in Missouri

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midwest baker

Here is a very popular recipe for those school rolls. Cafeteria Lady Rolls


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Yes they are! Yeast Cocaine. Cant get enough!


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Can't wait to try them!!!!


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Welcome to the site, Cathy.

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Thank you for the welcome!!!!!