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Heat source for proofing box

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Heat source for proofing box

I've been searching the forum on proofing box designs and heat source and it seems some use a light or dry source for heat and others a warm water or moist source.  Is there a difference on the overall effect?  Does extra moisture effect the sour dough?  Just wondering what the community has tried.  Just getting ready to build some type of device and was hoping for input

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I also am trying to find a good design. For now I've put an oil filled radiator in a closet and set heat to minimum. Too wasteful!! I may make a box from aluminum coated styrofoam insulation (available at Home Depot in 4 X 8 sheets), taped together with aluminum tape. Inside either a seedling mat or heating pad for dry heat or an aquarium heater in some water to produce a humid heat. We'll see!!                                                                         Tony L.

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I've gone really low tech with my proofing. I found a plastic storage bin large enough to hold a sheet pan, and tall enough so that the loaves don't touch the top during proofing.  When the lid is on all you need is to set it in a warm place, which can be under a common light bulb.  The lid keeps in the moisture and the bulb creates enough heat so that the proof bin is warmer than the surrounding air.

 If it's a warm day, I just use the bin and don't bother with a supplemental heat source.