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Hey TFL!

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Hey TFL!

Hey Everybody.

First off, I just want to say how impressed I am with TFL and the community of bakers it supports. I just discovered the site a few days ago after trying to trouble-shoot my first ever attempt at baking challah. Needless to say, I now have six or seven other recipes that I am dying to try on top of the original plan! Everyone seems very friendly and helpful, and that's really fantastic.


About me. Hmm...


By day, I'm a scientist (doing my M.Sc. in plant developmental biology), but by night and weekends I'm a baker (surprise surprise). I've always loved baking, probably because my mother was a great baker (as opposed to her cooking), and my better childhood food memories are filled with her impressive cakes. I'm sure part of the love also has to do with my sweet tooth, and the fact that cookies and pastries aren't going to bake themselves.

I've recently started a blog about baking (, which is acting as a means to chronicle my endeavours. Having never really attempted to bake bread before (because of the usual excuses people give), I wanted to give it a shot. I picked up a copy of George Greenstein's "Secrets of a Jewish Baker" to make my late grandfather (who was also a Jewish baker) proud. I never met the guy, but I feel like bread-baking is my way of getting back to my roots.

Plus, it's awesome.

I look forward to learning more and getting to know all the other geeky bakers on TFL!

As a sidenote: if anyone knows some good Challah Troubleshooting resources, please send them my way.



:: ira

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Baker Bevis

A scientist who bakes? All I can think of is some mad professor hunched over a bunson burner with a petri dish and some litmus paper, carrying out insane experiments on dough, screaming 'IT'S ALLLLLIVVVEEE!' as lightning crackles outside.


 Forgive me for that and let me say welcome to TFL, it's great to meet you.

I'm pretty much a bake geek too so it's good to see there are other out there too, hooray!

Happy baking :) 

P.S. I just checked out your blog and loved it :D

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Welcome hungry_i

TFL is a great resource with very helpful people.  So whilst you are a scientist by day you will, no doubt, soon be well educated in the ART of baking in the evenings.