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Tell me YOUR story!

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Baker Bevis

Tell me YOUR story!


I'm sure that every single baker has their own story as to why they bake and how they got started - I'd be very interested to hear them! Tell me how you got started, what you love about baking, even your favourite recipe / type of bread.

I shall get the ball rolling then...

I'd always thought that bread makers were members of some kind of mystical brotherhood; alchemical masters the lot of them, toiling away over bubbling vats of yeast and flour, whispering secret and arcane words to the dough. My only experience of making it myself was back in my school days, producing a couple of rock-hard bricks, which were certainly not fit for human consumption. To be honest, the whole bread making process mystified me completely.

A few years ago a very good friend of mine came to visit and whilst I was making dinner one night she rummaged around my kitchen cupboards. Taking a few ingredients in hand, she had soon rustled up a batch of beautiful little dough balls. I was astounded I tell you, and was even more so once they'd come out of the oven and had cooled enough for us to taste - I hadn't tasted home-made bread in years and I was bowled over.

Ever since then I was determined that I would make some bread myself, although it was an embarrassingly long time before I plucked up enough courage to try it. My first few attempts were laughable, but bit by bit it all seemed to come together...

I love making bread, not least because there's a certain sense of pride about being able to say 'I made this beautiful looking thing from absolute scratch.' And to be able to eat it as well? Heaven.

So come on then, what makes you bake?


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Gum Carlisle

First time user here.  I enjoyed your "bread story" and thought I would like to share mine.  Back in the early 70's I lived in Minnesota and my best friend Mary taught me how to make my first loaf of bread.  I was hooked.  I have been baking bread ever since.  I started off my making bread by hand kneading and have since made bread a number of different ways.  My most unusual method is with an older tin kneading bucket that makes multiple loaves of bread at one time.  I used that when my kids were growing up and I had many more mouths to feed.  Now it is just my husband and I so I make small loaves of multi grain bread.  I have used the old bucket around the holidays when I have company and my oldest grandson, Orion to help me.  Most recently tho, my daughter has expressed an interest in making bread so I suspect I will gladly hand off the dough bucket to her as she has three growing boys who love homemade bread.  I have joined this websit so I can learn how to make a very good loaf of multi grain.  ANy suggestions?  Thanks for reading and hope to read more stories soon!

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.....but was intimidated about baking bread because it seemed so fussy.  Three years ago, I took an evening college class where we just learned to make white bread and pizza dough, and I was hooked!  Part of it taps into my genetic desire to feed people good, wholesome stuff, another part of it taps into my love of some gadgetry, but every time, it still seems like a bit of a miracle, bringing together flour, water, yeast and salt to make a range of great breads.

Can't remember who said it, but I have to agree:  bread, wine, cheese and butter are the best examples of man taking what nature provides, and makes it better.


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mountaineer coo...

...with a baby in womb.  He didn't like the bread there, so I tried to make us some.  I had only made bread with a bread machine.  We didn't have a machine,recipe, or even a mixer for that matter, and at that time I don't even think we had furniture.  So off to the store I went to get flour.  We couldn't read the labels so I had to guess witch flour to buy, I must have chose wrong, because what I made didn't taste like bread.  Once we finally got internet I was able to figure out what flour to buy and found some recipes.  Long story short, we have three kids now, and moved from Finland to England then to Indiana and are now living in West Virginia where I have started a bakery in my basement.  I bake around 300 loaves of bread a week in a 10x11 kitchen in the basement.  That is the story of Wild Mountain Bakery and I'm sticking to it.


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My name's "Baker."

35 years ago I learned from my father.

S'kinda in my blood... or at least my psyche.

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and it was to me wonderous to watch the bread dough change from a lump to a fluffy mass, to a loaf of bread. I didn't like bread, unless it was warm from the oven, and with lots of butter. Otherwise just don't bother to give it to me.

I have never made good bread, although I have baked it since I was married, some 33 years in a few days, but my bread has improved. I have arm and shoulder problems which don't allow me to knead the bread properly (it always annoyed me that my brother could make so much better bread, but he could and did knead it properly) so just recently after a really long time without baking bread, I found the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day books, and started out baking bread again. My husband is quite thrilled, and even though my breads are not as fabulous looking as some on here, they certainly disappear which is how I guage the effectiveness of my cooking. that and the rule, if you complain you cook the next meal, that has been in the family for years, and it works too, not too many complainers.

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I have no memory of how I got started with making sourdough.  I always enjoy making dessert type of baked goods, but not bread (yeast or sourdough). 

Last year, my husband started the sourdough starter (why he did it I have no idea) and made his own bread.  He has science background and I thought sourdough is for people who understand science.  But then we had a really hot summer last year and I was looking for something to do during my stay-home vacation, so I started cultivating my own starter as a fun project.  Once the starter came to live, I got hooked.  Then I found this forum, I became obsessed.  Just like that. 

My husband has no idea how I changed from indifference (to his sourdough) to obsession in making bread.  I don't understand either.  Sometimes, love is a strange thing.