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Grain in the UK

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Baker Bevis

Grain in the UK


I received a grain mill for my birthday this year (I know, I have very lovely and understanding friends!) and was also given a bag of wheat with it. Of course that was soon used up and I absolutely loved the bread I made with my own milled flour.

I've been eager to get some more grain but the trouble is I've had such a hassle trying to find anywhere that sells the stuff! My online searches have been fruitless and I've been unable to find any health food shop nearby that sells anything suitable either. Hopefully I can find somewhere where I don't have to buy a huge quantity of the stuff, as I haven't got the room to store that much!

Can anyone help me with any website links or suggestions of things that I can use instead?

Many thanks!

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I am just trying to find out if you found any UK suppliers?

I am about to get a Mill for my Birthday this year but no one has thorght about the prospect of buying grain, it would be great to know where you have purchased from, prices and web links if possible, I hope you found a supplier and you mill is not sitting in a cupboard unused (that thorght makes me feel a little sad).

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I just wanted to say thank you. I will be looking into the suggestions over the weekend and look forward to freshly milled flour, I just have to wait for my birthday for the mill to arrive.


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Hi BakerBevis, Nigel,

Not tried Goodness Direct for grain but good for other wholefoods. Goodness Direct online has wheat grain for £3.59 for 3kg and organic rye for £1.17 per 500g (excl. pnp).

Watermill Little Salkeld sells grain

Brow Farm sells larger bags for home milling

Hope you find something that suits. Best wishes, Daisy_A

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Doves Farm also sells whole grains

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Thank you to everyone for there replies. I have decided to go for Doves Farm which are currently selling 25kgs of Organic Wheat Grain for £15.00 plus delivery.