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In Los Angeles....

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In Los Angeles....

Hi, everybody!

I haven't been around for over a week, and miss the exchanges with my bread-addict friends...


We are in LA, after a trip that had its ups and downs - as expected, I guess. Dan, my starter - survived the trip well, but I haven't made bread yet. In fact, the adjustment to the new environment won't be as smooth as I thought.  THe house is very very small and the grill outside looks like something for kids to play with (maybe 15 inches wide at most).   It also almost burned my beloved's eyebrows when we lit it yesterday for the first time... :-)


I  am anxious to resume my normal life of cooking and baking, not sure which bread to bake first, but I suspect it won't happen until next weekend.


I posted a few photos on my blog, but I will post one that shows how packed our pickup truck was - this photo is still in Oklahoma, maybe 3 hours into the trip (total trip was 21 hours)


Well, the upload is not working... oh well, no big deal


Hope you are all baking non-stop!



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I hope things work out with your house and your baking.