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Soft crust

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Soft crust

Hi, I’ve been baking bread for about 6 months. My family loves sourdough but we don’t like the hard crust. Is there a way to get the sourdough flavor without the hard crust, or is that simply a characteristic of sourdough? We would like to use it for sandwiches but the crust is just too chewy.

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You can 1) wrap the cooling loaf with foil and basically steam the crust into softness, or 2) you can slather the crust in butter. Store the bread in a sealed bag with as much air removed as possible to maintain soft crust.

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One thing you can do if you want a less hard crust is just underbake it.  Take it out 5-8 minutes earlier than you normally would.  Your crust will also soften if you use fat in your dough.

You mentioned that your crust was too hard, but then also mentioned that it was chewy.  Maybe you are just getting too thick of a crust, in which case you really only are trying to get it thinner.  You can have a nice thin crust, hard crust, but instead of chewy, its crispy.  To do this, work on proofing your loaves more fully, and steaming the oven well as you start your bake.

Danny Paz Gabriner
Sour Flour

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You are right I did say that the crust is hard and then chewy! This is because I have trouble getting a consistent sourdough loaf. As I said I have only been baking sourdough for three months (yeast bread about six months).

Anyhow, usually my sourdough has hard, thick crust. I will try baking it for less time. The recipe I have doesn’t have any kind of fat in it so I will also try some olive oil.

Thank you for your advice!

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Another thing you ca do is add some diastatic malt to your dough.  It can produce a softer crust because it helps leave some moisture in your crumb.  The moisture then migrates out toward the crust, making it softer.