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computer overloaded?

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computer overloaded?

Besides complaints about erratic forum addition emails (I can't find that existing thread now though!), I've noticed a couple other problems just today:

  • The lists of recent forum posts (both the one on the Home page and the one following More...) are missing some things that should be there.
  • The "search" function can't find things I know are there, not even when I have a printout of the desired thread and enter several words verbatim.

It seems like the whole computer system is falling apart all at once...

I've really really enjoyed this resource, and wouldn't be happy to see it become unusable. Would contributing money help?


(I'm a computer geek and could more easily contribute time, but I assume that wouldn't be of any use since I'm not there...)

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Besides complaints about erratic forum addition emails (I can't find that existing thread now though!),

There were two today -  both are are still on the front page; one in the forum section and the other in the blog - in case those are the ones you couldn't  find.

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I've had a bit of a problem waiting for the page to fully load, or get to the 'done' stage, all this week, but other than that it seems to be OK through my ISP. There is an awful lot of traffic it seems not only on this site but sites in general these days. Just a guess but I'm thinking that at this time of year in N America and Europe folks have more time on their hands and more people are using up more of the available bandwidth..? Floyd did mention some server tweaking in an earlier post so this may be what's going on.


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I've been watching it and the load on the site hasn't been bad lately.

I am not aware of missing threads from the homepage. As others have pointed out, some of the forums and content types are filtered out by design.

Seach is handled by Google, not me, so my server has nothing to do with it.

There are a lot of thing on my "to-do" list and improvements I should make, but I see no indication that the system is falling apart.

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forum addition emails?--

I forgot to mention (oops:-) that although I've seen others ask about this, I have not experienced it myself. From the point of view of my own email inbox, forum addition emails are working the same as always. (Around one out of twenty email notifications duplicates a previously received posting; usually its containing email has some other postings too but no other duplicates. But for me it's always been like that, and I've learned to just not worry about it.)

(An idea: The issue may just be one of greatly increased human activity causing a lot more items in an email inbox. Is there an easy way in "notification settings - notify new content" to allow each user to set their own time definition of "new" ...shorter for quicker notification messages and longer for fewer notification messages? Maybe something as simplistic as "disabled/prompt/infrequent" rather than just "disabled/enabled"?)


missing threads (also some of my search problems)?--

Yep, I mis-diagnosed and mis-described my problem with the new threads listings (and some of the search results listings too)  ...sorry. On careful reexamination, the real problem is not that the expected threads don't appear at all, but rather they suddenly don't show as "visited" in my browser even though I've been there before. Could some of the URLs have changed in a way that flummoxed my browser?



Here's a specific example. First in Google I searched for

    electric oven broil forty

and the second hit was on the forum thread I was looking for titled "Help! My loaves are charred!". Then on TFL I entered in the "search" box what appears to me to be the exact same search

    electric oven broil forty

and got three pages of results, none of which included the forum thread that direct Google had just found. Why is this?