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Fresh Loaf New Content Notification

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Fresh Loaf New Content Notification

Has anyone else been receiving notification of new content for old blog entries?  I just received an email listing blog entries (78 new posts) the majority of which do not have current entries.  For example, there is an entry from zolablue about Clear Flour where the most recent post to it is March 18, 2010 (the posts range from May 9, 2007 to March 18, 2010).


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If the new posting was a spam message to an old thread (and this happens), it would show up as you described, although the spam was deleted soon after it was posted.

Other issues have been discussed in the forum:

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I have been getting a lot of " New content" messages with many ,many posts 50+ which contain mostly old postings



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Yes it's about a week that I'm receiving very long new content notification with a lot of old posts. I thought it was due to the fact that in July and August the daily email was very short, and it was a way to revive the site. Why do you think that  a spam could be the reason ? my computer is very well protect even with a mail washer which give me the opportunity to refuse mail that I don't know or are automatically marked as spam or other bad things but since TFL is recognized as a " friend" it would not stop it.

Why not to ask Floyd directly ?