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Families of Bread ?

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Families of Bread ?

Hiee :-)

Virgin at baking bread and full of apprehensions :( Guess I need to dive in and not worry much. But before that, want to arm myself completely. TFL is an intelligent resource. If everything in here is compiled well - it would be the best selling bible on bread baking - honestly.

People here have their favs - Hamelman, Leader, Lahey, Peter Reinhart, Clayton and several others. Here, I see no mention of "The Five Families of Bread by Michael Kalanty". He seems to have simplified things for a novice by classifying the dough into groups. Anyone using this book? How informative is it? Any sort of input on the same will help me decide if I should buy the book.

This is a nice place to be. Will post my experiences as soon as I plunge in :P

Thankyou TFL,



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hi welcome, never heard of it, you need to just make your first loaf, not even, just get your hands in some dough and you'll be hooked! :) let us know how you go

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:-) Just waiting for the initial jitters to pass....

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Welcome to TFL, Nepakshi,

I've never heard of the author or the book, so I checked at Amazon.

The book sells for $50 US and according to one Amazon reviewer who purchased a copy:

The book makes absolutely no mention of advanced baking techniques: no preferments or sourdough, no various mixing methods, etc.

It appears the book teaches how to mass produce bread.  Okay if you want to run a Wonder Bread factory, but not for those seeking bread which tastes good and has character.

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Yes the book does'nt  seem to be very popular...Also just 4 ppl reviewd it on Amazon so i thought someone here would've gone through it.

Guess i will make my start with Laurels bread book. Am reading the forums here to get more familiar with the terms n techniques.

:-) Thankyou, i already feel very welcome.