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newbie to the site, a little about me

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newbie to the site, a little about me

I stumbled across this site because of the bagel recipe that is posted, mmmmmm bagel, after repeated browsing and reading I figured I probably should register.

I haven't tried any other bread recipe's from this site yet, although I did tell my DH that I wouldn't mind having the cookbook the bagel recipe came from. With my work year returning I'll have less time for baking.

My other main source for bread recipe's is a site called Cooking Bread. Dh loves the classic white, told me that it was likely to have cutting problems from being to hollow. When he was a kid he and his brothers would make a small whole in the bottom of the bread their mom made (sadly she's not sharing her recipes) and eat out the inside, then put the loaf bake on the cooling rack.

At some point I decided to start journaling my cooking, and take photo's. Most folks would do this with just one site, not me, so I have one site for the cooking pictures and a seperate blog site, on the blog I try to always link to recipe's used in addition to one or two pictures of what I was cooking/doing.

By-the by the bagels were fab with this tomato and lentil soup. The blog it was on didn't mention the feta cheese, and I use 1/2 olive oil & butter for the oil, my other change is to add in crushed red pepper instead or the whole one that has to be fished out.

I'm not sure how many more bread recipe's I'll try at this point, I have a white, wheat, and a bagel now that we all love, and have even learned the art of making tortilla's thanks to you tube, my faves are in this post. I suppose at some point I need to add a french, sourdough, and maybe a pita.

I guess about the only other tid-bit would be that I've been making bread off and on since I was in jr high, way back in the 80's. When I started baking after school because I was bored and wanted something to do, lol.

Peace, md