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Wanted Baking Pan

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Wanted Baking Pan

I'm looking for a Baparoma Master Steam French Bread Pan. If anyone has one they want be useing again and want to part with. I'd love to buy from you. Just let me know what you are asking for it.

Also if no one has one to sell, do you know anyone that does want to sell theres? Or a pan simular to the Bararoma Pan. I sure do need to get one. Thanks everyone.

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They're called Baparoma, and I'm pretty certain they were only available through E-bay.  It is also my recollection that no one exactly swore by them.

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I just checked Ebay...............what a rip off.......such high prices.  One seller is extremely arrogant in his sales pitch.  In some of the reviews I found, someone said they sold originally for $19.99. 

Too bad the good folks at King Arthur Flour wouldn't bring them back so breadmaking junkies like many of us wouldn't get ripped off on Ebay.

It would be interesting to try this pan, but not for $100 Plus American.  Think of what better breadmaking supplies you could buy with that money!  I wonder how many of these pans are sitting unused in someone's kitchen, or basement....a one time wonder. I find it hard to believe my Julia Child recipe and technique could be duplicated by a pan. 

It's all about chasing the dream......always ready to try new things.....that's what so great about baking bread!

Good luck with your search.............hope you find it for a good price. Let us know if you get one and better yet, let us know how it turns out!!!

Regards, Lyn

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Yeah, the original manufacturer went out of business quite a while ago.

That's why you can only get them used on eBay (if you can get them at all), why they're ridiculously expensive, and why KAF isn't able to carry them.

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I sent you a private message. I may have a pan for you.


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Hy to you all, I'm really new here and I'm really curious about every thing concerning dough, loaves, pans and so on. I take a look at baparoma pan and it looks and works like a fish kettle. May I be wrong? The only difference is the lid.

I will try soon and tell you about,

good luck.

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To develop their thick crackly crust, baguettes/batards (French bread) and most other types of Artisan breads need "steam" during their first few minutes in the oven  This is easy for commercial bakers, whose ovens typically have steam generation and venting built right in. But it can be a little tricky for home bakers (especially those who have ovens with electronic controls, which can often be damaged by steam rising up inside).

So there are a variety of tricks for home bakers (just search "steam" on this site and you'll find lots of different ways to do it). A popular method (which is more friendly to electronic controls) is "covering", using any of a large variety of things including roasting pans, aluminum foil pans, bowls, flower pots, clay vessels, casserole dishes, dutch ovens, and so forth. One of the functions of the baparoma pan is to "cover" the bread and so steam it.

What to use is largely a matter of what you've already got (bread baking is about things like the feel of the dough and wonderful smells and flavors, not about laying out a lot of cash for specialized equipment:-).

Search for "steam cover". Also search for "no-knead". Most "no-knead" (or "5-minute") recipes involve baking the bread in some sort of covered vessel, probably both to generate steam and to keep the high hydration (very wet or "slack") doughs from spreading out so much you wind up making pancakes.

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I really lucked out when I got mine.  I had no idea they would be in such demand or I would have purchased all the seller had. 

I actually think I may have gotten a couple of the last new ones being sold as closeout stock.

I do think they make fantastic baguettes and they make a pretty good bagel when you don't feel like getting a pot of boiling water ready.   

I am glad I have mine and use it frequently.  I got mine for $20 each and that included shipping and handling. 

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Thanks, Trishiomaha for sharing one of your pans with me.