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Question about using frozen SAF Instant Yeast

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Question about using frozen SAF Instant Yeast

Hi. I'm new to these forums. But I have a question -- I bought a one-pound bag of SAF Instant Yeast. I keep it in an airtight plastic jar in my freezer, as I don't bake bread too often. 

I'm making focaccia from Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice. Can I add my instant yeast to the flour straight from the freezer, or does it need to come to room temperature? 

I baked a lot of bread in pastry school, but we always used fresh yeast, and the few times we did use instant, it had never been frozen. 


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You can add it straight from the freezer. The difference between thawing(tempering?) or not is negligible.

My opinion. I do it both ways.


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midwest baker

I have always used mine right out of the freezer with no problems.


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Thanks for your replies. It ended up "thawing" anyway, since I had to run to CVS (a block away) for batteries for my kitchen scale anyway, but now I know for next time!