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Hello from Wisconsin

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Hello from Wisconsin


New member here. I just recently started making bread. My wife and I decided to live more frugally, eat healthier, and slow down and enjoy life. Baking bread covers all three!


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Once you start making bread you are hooked.  I have been doing it for many years but it has been in the last 8 months that I have become almost obsessed in getting the best loaf possible.  Good thing that the less than perfect looking still is good eating... 

Rena in Delaware

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It will be interesting to see what toys you come up with: digital scales, whisks, adobe bake ovens with a thousand dollar covering. Then there are the grinders and hard red and soft whites - one is better for you but the other tastes so much better - also field corn roasted in the oven and added by the handsfull to your different breads until you can't bake without using some. Then there is an entire shelf in the refer dedicated to strange smelling starts.


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Hi Ian,

Welcome aboard.  I think you'll enjoy the friendly and instructive community here.  There are outstanding teachers on this site!  I'm in Amery.  Where are you?