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Protein level in Flour

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Protein level in Flour

Hi eveyone,

I've just discovered that Sainsburys in the UK produce a Canadian high protein level flour (around 15%) which is much higher than my normal flour (around 11-12%).  My latest loaf, using this new to me higher protein flour seems to have much more lift - the crumb (sorry, no photos, it got eaten already!) rises upwards towards the crust noticeably and the texture seems (or is this my imagination?) softer.  Is any of this related to the protein level?   I bake the same recipe, a basic sourdough, with white flour, 44% starter (100% hydration), and 66/68% water/

Do any of you have any thoughts?


Thank you!


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Yes, Yigibaker, it is relevant. Often. Protein levels are an indication of the presence of Gluten, which is the structure that traps air bubbles in your loaf,, hence the airy texture, and lofty loaf.