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An awesome way to tansport baked goods.

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An awesome way to tansport baked goods.

I got a super cool storage device a couple weeks ago (more as a test because it looked neat...saw it at a tradeshow here in Atlanta) that I have to recommend to people now that I've used it a bunch. It's called the Baker's Sto N Go. Basically it's a plastic carrying case that comes with rearrangeable shelves. I was having trouble basically taking smaller stuff and cheesecakes (my speciality) to friends' parties etc...basically cake containers and individual plasticware just became a pain...and this seemed like a good solution. I have to say it is awesome. So far I've tested it with cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and pies and it has worked like a charm. If anyone is interested I can post a link. But it isdefinitely something worth searching for.

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for about $25

Looks like it would work pretty well for a picnic, too.

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How large is it, the pics look small and how does it keep things cold?

Thanks, Jean P.

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  not sure how it would keep things cool without putting it in a fridge or something...but as for the size it LOOKS tiny but it holds a lot more than you would think!

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I bought this carrier years ago and I LOVE IT. It has a place on the bottom to put ice packs to keep things cold. Now, it's only good for round things, but that's what I usually take - something round. I got it at Sur La Table, but it's available elsewhere too.


Dude, now I'm worrying maybe I accidentally tossed those ice packs when packing/unpacking as we had a gazillion. Sure hope not! As they are thinner than standard