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Hello all. I'm new to The Fresh Loaf. I'm currently a culinary student focusing on baking and pastry. I've always been into cakes and desserts but it wasn't until I began my schooling this year that I have developed an interest in bread. I look forward to sharing idea and getting help on my journey.

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What school are you attending?

Looking forward to hearing of your experiences on the bread road.

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I'm at The Art Institute of Philadelphia in their Baking and Pastry program.

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Hi! Names Athur and I'm from a small town called Rockhampton in Queensland Australia. I'm new here. Happy to get acquainted with you!Thanks!


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roberto strongoli

hello mate, what's up? what a special country that is. Do you know about a bakers job opportunity over there? 

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Hi-a Pink Monkey,

I'm envious you're in school. What did you learn last week?

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The class I'm taking this semester in Introduction to Baking. We actually have been working on danish, croissants and pies in the last weeks. We did bread for the first couple of weeks of the course. I can't wait until I get to my actual Bread Production class.