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one time bread baking experience?!

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one time bread baking experience?!

Thanks for allowing me on this site! Is it my imagination, or does it smell wonderful here?

Esme left a post that sounded like she might be willing to do a little breadmaking teaching, and suggested anyone interested should post here as well, so that's what I'm doing.

We are celebraing my Mom's 80th birthday on the afternoon of October 8th, 2010 and hope to be able to enjoy a bread making experience with her.  Really, we'd like not so much to learn how (as if we could in an hour or two!) as to experience kneading it and sprinkling it with seeds (my mom really likes seeds on her bread), brushing it with egg yolk (if that's what you do), smell it baking and taking home some loaves. It could be done in my kitchen if that would be easier.  We think that would make a wonderful birthday event.

I don't even know if Esme will read this, so anyone else in the Ann Arbor area who'd be willing to allow us the privilege of hiring you to help make this happen, would be greatly appreciated.

I'm told that sometimes there's the option of a private message on forums, which I don't know how to do, but if anyone get's back to me, I can find out.

I admire you all for your delicious work!

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Just click on "messages", under your name on the left hand column of any page. If there is a message waiting gor you, there is an alert there also.

Another way to send a message is to click on the username and near the bottom of the page is a "send this user a message" link.


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Why not treat your mom to a lesson (or class) at Zingerman's?

Or maybe even a private lesson in your home?

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and a welcome to you. I had to smile when I read "does it smell wonderfull here?"

I my opinion this is one of the best smelling (bread) sites, even most post about yeast still smell nice (in the end).

Happy baking.


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I love this idea. You could even do a mix of some of the above ideas. Mix up some dough in advance (or have a bakery make it for you) and bake it yourself (topping it with all your seeds and things).

While your bread is doing it's final rise you could start a simple pot of soup (so good in the Fall) in a slow cooker.

Take your bread out of the oven to let it cool. Then go get mani/pedis, hike, bike, walk, or whatever you like to do that takes an hour or more. Your bread should be cool enough when you come home. And if you exercise you'll be ready for your feast.

Have so much fun, okay?