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Going bagel and kinda failed

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Going bagel and kinda failed

For some reason I have been avoiding baking bagels. It's not are national dish, but they pop up in more and more bakeries. Even the better ones. So time to give it a try with (plain) yeasted bagels (Reinhart's Crust and Crumb).

Pretty much followed the recipe, but got a warning signal, when the dough did not float in 15 seconds in my pan of cold water. Actually, no floating at all here. This is where I could have stopped, but what the h.. At least there was a consistency, because there was hardly any floating in the almost-boiling-water the next day either...

The windowpane test was ok, guess I need to work on the structure of the dough. Next time I will make a few different versions. Think my flour is maybe not the right kind.

BTW: it's bagel for a birthday, don't think I can fail here. Don't know yet what they taste like, but it sure smells great.

Note to my self: use our real oven next time.

Happy baking,


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Happy birthday to someone.

The real question on my mind is "How did they Taste"


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Love the numerics! 

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I had good luck with this recipe:

Homemade bagels

l made batches on two different days, and they all came out pretty good...and I'm a beginner.