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Photo record of all the breads in RLB's Bread Bible

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Photo record of all the breads in RLB's Bread Bible

Matthew Boyer has sent Rose an email with photos documenting all the breads he made while baking his way through The Bread Bible. Take a look:

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thanks for that! whose this mathew by the way, did he say he hadn't baked bread before? wow. amazing ")

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It's great to have this collection of photos, as the book doesn't include all of them.

Thank you.

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Wow, what a demonstration of skill. Cheers for that fellow, my hat goes off to him.

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He isn't the first to do it.

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What an accomplishment!  It's a great show of discipline, enterprise, commitment, PASSION!  I'm sure many of us could go on and on.  Matthew and anyone else who has followed through as he has deserves all the accolades we can muster.