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Today's Baking at Karin's Baeckerei

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Today's Baking at Karin's Baeckerei

Coming home from Portland late yesterday evening I had no time to make any pre-doughs for today's baking. So everything was stretched and folded, except for my usual Pain a l'Ancienne dough. No kitchen octopuses to battle this time, the doughs behaved and didn't try to take over the countertop. This morning I got an early start with my baking and was done just in time to Meet The Press.

Tyrolean Pumpkin Seed Mini Breads


These are real breads, not rolls, and are made with spelt, rye and Italian 00 flour - and, of course, lots of toasted pumpkin seeds.



Pain a l'Ancienne with Oat Flour (sorry, no crumb shot, these were all sold)


And since the oven was still warm, I finally fullfilled my NYB testing duties: Lace Cookies. They look as nice as they tasted.




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Everything looks wonderful ! Do you bake for a bakery to sell or from your home ? I keep thinking I will see at the local Farmer's Markets now that it is legal here in AL. I am gone too much though this year. c

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I must say the pumpkin seed bread is very interesting and would love to try it toasted! Is it baked in brioche molds?

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Yummy bakes Karin!

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Trailrunner, here in Maine you can get a so called home processor's license and produce things in your home kitchen. I sell organic breads twice a week to our local natural food store.

Arlo, the mini breads are shaped like rolls and baked free standing. They taste good untoasted or toasted. I will post the recipe.

Mebakes, thanks!.


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Nice shaping too!  I'm curious, how do you distinguish a 'real bread' from a roll, when they are of the same apx. size?


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I would love to try those pumpkin seed breads. Love pumpkin seeds and in Austria we make wonderful bread with it as well.

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Hi Karin!

Wish that kind of license were available in California.  Here I am told you have use of a commercial kitchen (a business opportunity for the eager enterpreneur, leasing such out), which has to pass inspection.  So my nice kitchen just doesn't cut it.  Anyone know how to bake and sell on a small scale in this state?


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The pumpkin seed mini breads look especially inviting!  Do you shape them with a mold or by hand?


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I think that's what Karin meant to call these beauties : )

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Well, nothing as economical as a dual-use name, huh?

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Sylvia, as a good German, I like to eat my bread with butter, cold cuts or jam. I call a roll only what I can cut horizontally in halves and then eat as open faced sandwich. These mini bread halves would be too thick for that purpose, so I cut them in slices.

Noor13, if you live in Austria you can use W 480 flour and pumpkin seed oil to make these.

Larry, I shape them like little boules. Then they are cut around the rim with scissors and the top gets a cookie cutter treatment.

I will post the recipe tomorrow, when I have time, including shaping instruction (it's not very difficult).

These little breads are really yummy, I baked a batch for us, too, and in the evening only one was left to freeze...