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NC, USA Baker/Pastry Assistant

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NC, USA Baker/Pastry Assistant

Hello everyone,

   My name is Lee, from Charlotte, North Carolina. Three years ago I was an unemployed part-time culinary student, I had been jobless for over a year and had moved back into my parents' house. After sitting on my bum and being addicted to an unmentionable online game for so long... I broke down and put in over 30 job applications in one day. The first of which was a dream to me, an AM baker position at a country club. A few weeks and an interview later, I was in. Having started with around 2 years of schooling and no previous baking experience. From then to the present I have learned to master many breads and pastries alike, moved on to working on centerpieces and even gone so far as to play around with some molecular gastronomy. I am very appreciative of the creative freedoms in which my workplace has allowed me and I hope to be able to learn and share as I grow with all of you.



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Congrats on finding a job in your field! And I can't wait to see your contributions to this wonderful forum.


And I bet you totally got some epic gear after all that time put into that 'unnamed mmo'.

: D


Welcome aboard!