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Longtime baker, first time poster

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Longtime baker, first time poster

Hi! My name is Jay, and I live in west central FL. I've been making bread for about 30 years now, but never realized that there was a forum about it! My aunt got me started with Bernard Clayton's The Breads of France, and I've been baking ever since! I'm a pretty good cook all around. but especially like smoking, grilling, and of course, bread. I also dabble in wine making and sausage making. I'm married ( to a wonderful cook!) and we have one son in graduate school. I'm a tool and die maker by trade, and most of my other hobbies involve machinery of one kind or another. I'm looking forward to reading and learning all I can here, and sharing any meager knowledge I have.

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Well, I am just learning how to make bread. It seems  like it never turns out right, even when I follow the recipe perfectly. So I guess I will just keep trying.

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Hi Clpat, when I first started making bread (which was about 3 years ago), they I would never EVER ger it right. It was so frustrating. Then I found this forum and learned so much. It's mostly about how you handle the dough and a little bit about ingredients. So don't give up.



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Glad to hear from a from a seasond pro.  Hope to see some of your work.

And clpat, just ignore the "recipes" and make bread, untill you get the hang of it

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I'm a bit of newbie to the site myself, but allow me to welcome you! This site has anything and everything, it seems, that has to do with baking bread.

Topics range from equipment to kneading techniques to, of course, recipies and tips and tricks. I'm certain that even an accomplished and experienced baker such as yourself will be able to find useful information here. Just type a word or term into the search bar on the upper left hand corner and voila! a plethora of information will appear.

And, even better, everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. So enjoy!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I've taught a number of friends the basics of bread making, and dough consistency seems to be the toughest thing to teach. After a while, you just 'know' when it's right- but how do you teach that? Another big problem newbies have is oven temperature. It's critical; get an oven thermometer and check your oven often. I've seen fancy new ovens that ran all over the place.