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Help with San francisco Sourdough from Reinhart ABED

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Help with San francisco Sourdough from Reinhart ABED

First I want to say hello. I posted once in the book section but have been reading, learning and bookmarking recipes for some time now and have learned a lot and have seen some amazing photos. This is an awesome site.

My question.

I have been keeping a starter I bought from Breadtopia at 100% hydration. I converted it to Reinharts mother starter at 66%.

I finished the mother starter conversion on Thursday. On Friday I made the starter for the actual recipe, with the intent to refrigerate it over night, make the dough Saturday, refrigerate overnight, and bake Sunday. These overnights were all as per the recipe. Well my Saturday got messed up and I just made the dough this morning (Sun.) He says the dough will be good in the refrigerator for a few days. Since the natural yeast version needs to come out of the refrigerator 4 hours before baking, I am not sure I will be able to bake before the dough is no good, and I would really rather not try to freeze it

Will I be ok baking today without the overnight refrigeration? Should I refrigerate for as long as possible today or just leave it at room temp? The 2 hour room temp resting after mixing (for the natural yeast version I am using) is almost over. It is just after 1pm where I am so it looks like refrigeration is out of the question as it would only have about three hours before I had to pull it out.

The starter was cold from the fridge and the water I used was 95º if that will help someone give me a timeframe for today.

Thank you



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Postal Grunt

The overnight refrigeration helps add flavor to the loaf and that's a good thing. However, if your bread is proofing well today and you won't have the opportunity to bake tomorrow, go ahead and bake. The loaf won't be a disaster and as long as you've done to preparation well, it should be a very good loaf. It just won't be as close to the original recipe as you intended. Don't forget to post some pictures of your results.