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Pina Colada Bread Questions

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Pina Colada Bread Questions

Mods - if this isn't in the right spot, feel free to shift, with my apologies.

I'm toying with modifying Bertinet's formula for sweet dough ("Dough", page 136 - 51% hydration w/milk, with butter and eggs added for richness) to make a pina colada flavoured sweet bread.  So far, my mental concept has me exchanging some of the milk with pineapple juice, rum and coconut cream, and sprinkling coconut on top.

Any experiences out there re:  what adding alcohol to the mix will do to the process?  I'd like to use the best ingredients, so rum extract isn't an option.

Also, anyone know whether mixing pineapple juice into the bread will affect it, for better or worse?

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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Don't know if it will help but I found this:

Read the review for possible alterations or suggestions. Many bread machine focused books have varients of Hawaiian bread wich use both pineapple and coconut, but rum...not so much. This one at does have some rum in it I think.

Good luck and... Bake on!


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Much appreciated!

So far, I'm going to try the following baker's percentage formula, based on the link, some head-workin' on my part, and the International Bartenders' Association official ratios for a Pina Colada:

100 flour
40 milk
15 pineapple juice
5 coconut milk
5 rum
20 eggs
11 butter
9 sugar
2 salt
1 inst yeast

I've tried it, and so far, the dough is very soft/wet - needs to be handled a la Bertinet "flick and cover" technique.  Overnight proofing as I type - more (pix included), as I get it in the oven tomorrow.

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Instead of the rum, somehow I don't think the yeasty beasties would appreciate the alcohol - can't wait to see or hear about your results. 

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...of the experiment:

This, after an overnight first proof in the fridge, and a 2 hour proof after shaping in pans at room temperature.  Egg/milk wash was painted on top of the loaves before cooking.  Oven preheated to 425, dropped to 410 when the loaves were loaded, and down to 400 3-4 minutes later, for another 30 minutes.

Very nice, not all that sweet dessert bread (think a slightly-less-than-fully-rich brioche), but next to NO pineapple or coconut taste (and only the faintest smell during baking).

Franchiello:  the yeastie beasties didn't seem to mind a bit of rum (in this recipe, it worked out to about 1 fl. oz. per loaf), based on the proofing I got.  I am curious, though - how's the rum extract taste?  I've tried banana extract way early in my baking, and it tasted like a "chemical banana" - like some banana-flavoured candy.  Any of this with the rum.

Anyone else have any experience with using coconut or pineapple flavouring?  Any ideas to boost the pineapple and coconut flavour truly welcome.

Thanks for your feedback!  I'll let you know how future experiments go.