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Farmers' Market Opportunity

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Farmers' Market Opportunity

The Phoenixville Farmers' Market(, a highly successful Saturday morning grower/producer market, is seeking a baker to sell artisanal breads and breakfast pastires.  Phoenixville is located 20 miles west of center city Philadelphia, and is a proven location to sell locally produced high quality foods. For more information, contact Bill Andersen at 610-291-9288 or

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I would like to alter a recipe from using leaven to Instant Active Dried Yeast. Dan Lepards recipe for Crusty Potato Bread uses 250 gms leaven, 500 gms flour 75 gms grated potato 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, 25 gms honey and 300 gms water.

The instant yeast I use suggests 2 teaspoons of yeast to 500 gms flour. do I ignore the leaven, or use an extra teaspoon of yeast? Thank you.