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Batard Point a Callier

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Batard Point a Callier

This is a high extraction Batard from hamelman's "Miche point a callier"

I did not sift the wholewheat flour, i just mixed 90% wholewheat with 10% all purpose.

I deviated somewhat from BREAD. i folded in the bowl for 20 strokes for 4 times at 1/2 hour intervals.

Under sunlight

Taste: Well, since i haven't used a high extraction flour, nor artisan T90 or T85 flours, i would not really call this Point a calier, but nevertheless, it tasted like a superior quality 90% wholewheat loaf at 82% hydration. It has a subtle , yet well defined acidic tang, with creamy roasted-nut-like aftertaste. The crumb was soft, moist and firm enough to accomodate all kinds of spreads. I love it, and i will surely stick to the stiff levain with such a high hydration doughs.




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I'd say your folding deviation was very effective. The crumb is perfect!

Great job.


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Thanks Eric. I only need to unlock the secret behind ShiaoPing's open crumb in her Point a callier.


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I baked the same loaf, but scaled down by half to make one large boule yesterday. I differed as well using 85% whole wheat to bread flour. No sifting. Your loaf achieved a much nicer crumb than mine did needless to say. Your loaf looks great!

If you do get a chance, use high extraction flour, I have baked this same loaf using locally milled high extraction and loved the ending results. A bit less tangy that using the whole wheat percentages we have used, but a more tender crumb I feel. It's quite nice.

Regardless though, your loaf looks tasty!

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It looks delicious!  I really need to pick up Hamelman's Bread... I see may people baking great looking breads from that book.

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Thanks Arlo! I know, but i was lazy, i didn't have the time to sift the WW.

I just had a couple of slices with butter, and with yogurt, and i can tell you: this bread is the best wholegrain sourdough i have ever tasted!!

And lief, yes, "BREAD" has some solid and simple recipes.


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That's the profile for a bread done in the fashion of a miche Pointe-à-Callière, and the crumb looks very nice.


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Thanks Larry! its so yummy too..

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Nice job Khalid.  Bet it tastes great too.


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Thanks Howard! It did taste great. It isn't authentic callier bread, but whole wheat is what i had in hand.