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Bread Machine Dough problems

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Bread Machine Dough problems

Hi every one..just joined as looked like a good site, and I need help lol.


**I want to use my bread machine to make dough, but take it out after dough cycle and bake in oven in bread pan or on pizza stone, depending on bread.


My loaves have turned out very dense with little rise.  Dough seems very tough.  


I am using Pillsbury best bread dough

Red star active dry yeast  I have not been proofing the yeast, and maybe that is part of problem?  The expiration dates on yeast are a year from now.  I am using the little packs that come together in 3's.

I use olive oil for what ever oil is called out for.

I have been using well water that is supposed to be the best around.


I am unsure of the steps needed.  I have been taking out of bread machine after dough cycle, punch it down, let it rise (what little it does), and put in oven.

Can some one explain step by step how to make dough in bread machine and bake in oven, including yeast type,  any kneading (how long), and how many times to rise, punch down and when, water temp, and any other

information or point to link or video??


This is very frustrating, and I have been reading but have not found my answers.


* A note..please including instructions on using the Instant/bread yeast, as it seems most people are going to this.  I just want to concentrate on making white bread for now.

* Is there a place to get recipes that call out for weights and not cups/tbs etc.???  I have a small scale.


LAST Question  I understand a lot of bakers use "00" dough for pizza dough, is there a way to mix say bread flour and cake flour just an example, 

to get the same qualities as "00" dough???

Thank you for any help

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Sounds like you are not adding enough liquid.

Go to Click on "Recipes" on the links near the top of each page. Then click on "Yeast Breads" on the left. You can start at "Bread machine recipes baked in the machine", but you can really choose about any recipe you desire since you are only kneading with the machine.

They have nearly foolproof, proven recipes, mostly with ingredients listed by weight(weight-volume toggle box).

The main key for many beginners is learning to recognize the appropriate, desirable consistency of the doughball. If the dough is too dry, the loaf may not rise properly and may be tough. Too much liquid and it may rise and then sink.

Again, KAF(King Arthur Flour) has many proven recipes, and a lot of material there about baking in breadmachines.

Also, many recipes will have a link to their blog(Baker's Banter), which is basically a bake along step by step pictorial guide with many questions and answers. They also are very good at responding quickly to your questions, online or telephone.

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Make sure the yeast is actually active, regardless of what it says on the envelope.  Proof your yeast.  It may have died.  It happens.

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Thanks for the quick answers.