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Little Kitchen of Horrors or Tentacles Takeover

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Little Kitchen of Horrors or Tentacles Takeover

On Tuesday a horror scenario unfolded in my Bar Harbor kitchen. Preparing my breads for Wednesday's sale I made the fatal decision to give my doughs the stretch-and-fold treatment instead of just leaving them to the mixer. I had no idea what dark forces I unleashed!

Follow this link at your own risk:

Pain de Campagne, one of the evil perpetrators - after his containment.


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That's a baking horror worth going through. I'd buy that in a second!

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and an interesting story.  All is well that ends well and your bread looks very nice.


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Good thing it didn't end up attacking you, haha!

That's just about what happened to me a couple of months ago, hanseata - except it was worse. I was going to do a write up for my blog (which I'm still working on starting - speedy me!) Mine was a disaster, and despite my attempts to save it, I had to throw out all of it.  I kept adding flour, but that didn't help. Tried to add some yeast (it wasn't rising much, too), but I was out. Got some from a neighbor - finally realized the neighbor's yeast was dead (that bag was left open, unrefrigerated for what I suspect was a very long time; I never test any of mine - keep a jar of instant yeast in the freezer & it always rises).

Your result looks gorgeous. I suspect it was worth the confrontation with that Kitchen Sourdough Octopus, haha!

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Fortunately I refrained from adding more flour (being a bit wiser from past bad experiences with too dry doughs), I just tried to keep it from welling over my countertop (it was the amount for a batch of 4 loaves) and basically did all the folding with bench scrapers and oiled hands (it stuck even though).

The strange thing was that I used the same amount of water that I had used before when I did all the work with my mixer (mixing 1 - 2 min., then kneading 4 min., resting for 5 min. and kneading for another min.), and I do not remember it being so sticky. One dough was mixed leaven sourdough, the other 100% sourdough, and both did the same.

Maybe it was the weather...