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KA Sourdough Starter

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KA Sourdough Starter


Anyone live in the Athens, GA or Nicholson, GA?  If so, I inadvertenly ordered the Fresh Sourdough Starte  from King Arthur which I already paid for.  This was a mistake since I already have one from them and it's been alive now for a while, so I don't need two.  I called KA and they credited my account for that one and I ordered the right one I wanted.  So if anyone in my area wants it, please let me know.  If not, then what would I do with it?  It has to be fed, etc. like I did before but I don't need it.  I hate to waste it.  KA asked if I could give it to a friend, but I don't know anyone that bakes bread and would have a need for it.  I asked them if I should send it back, but they said no, I didn't need to.


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do you have a community kitchen in your area? you could donate the starter to them along with 1-2 bags of flour. they could keep it alive & make bread.