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Almond Ricotta Biscotti

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Almond Ricotta Biscotti

It is natural to consider that Ricotta and almonds would be married together into a delicious soft biscotti flavored with almond oil. Almond ricotta biscotti are delicate cookies but with an intense aroma. We always include it on a “Torta di Biscotto di Nozze” because they are so perfect for a biscotti wedding cake.  It is the almond oil that gives these cookies that lovely warm almond flavor.


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I will have to try using the almond oil instead of extract in my frostings...sounds delicious.  Do you store yours in the refrigerator?  Thank you for the recipe.  I'am looking forward to baking these lovely Almond ricotta biscotti.


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I store them in a metal container never in a plastic container.  They actually don't last in our house very long. You can store them in a paper bag also. I often store cookies in paper bags because they don't hold moisture.  I freeze them unfrosted for a few weeks when I make them for a party. Longer then that the ricotta seems to breakdown and I don't like the taste.  But if you plan on using them for a party and will be eating them within a few days they store well. They really never get very hard even when older then that and are good also a little harder. 

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especially the almond ricotta!  And a new recipe to try.  Thanks for sharing this! 


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Ricotta in a cookie!  Where have I been that I've never seen a recipe like this before?!?  I will definitely be getting my hands out of the bread dough long enough to try these.  Thanks again!


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Love the platter... always looking for ways to use up ricotta in myb baking.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Happy baking!

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thanks for sharing these delightful cookies


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really, there's no other word to describe those cookies. How is it possible that I never ate them? Puglia isn't that far...

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These are all family recipes from both sides of my family. My grandparents came from Vieste, Foggia and Avelino, Italy in 1896 and 1912. We make them for caterers just west of Boston.  Some of the biscotti  I have seen in the regions where my grandparents came from, but there are a number of them I havent's seen.  My family has been in the restaurant business since my grandparents started Italian specialty markets and restaurants. Over the years we have had so many people tell us that we should start a biscotti business that we finally did. For us making these cookies are just second nature, we've been making them all of our lives. I wrote a post on this on my blog as we started this as a hobby for just friends and family. We have had the business for several years now but concentrate on caterers. I was asked to make this tray and about 7 others for a private party in Atlanta where my daughter lives. Normally  I take of the business end, my sister usually makes the biscotti. But I love making them! I spend a lot of time in Italy, where are you from?

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I just noticed that you are from Bologna. This is my favorite city in Italy and I envy you.  I spent a month studying Italan and taking a cooking course there. Try to get there whenever I can. Such a beautiful city and great food. I wrote a blog post about Bologna. Lucky you!!!



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Yes Patricia,

I love my city. It's the only place in the universe where I'd want to stay, but I don't find the food here ... rewarding;-(

I'll try your biscuits. I adore almonds and ricotta!

If you come again...