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No Knead Bread

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No Knead Bread

Here is my second attempt at NK bread, but the first that was successful.  I did it in my mini baker from Pampered Chef that was like a La Cloche.  It gave a decent crumb and flavor.  I used my starter instead of yeast with this loaf. 

The last picture is the yield of the day on Jan 25, 2007.  I baked in preparation of going to see both of my sisters and taking them fresh bread.  The NK was split between my kids so I did not get to taste a lot of that one.  The rye is Hamelmann's 66% sourdough rye.  It was a pretty compact but moist loaf.  I think I need to get my starter better for that loaf.  But in a few weeks I will be taking his Rye bread class and will learn from him how he does his loaves. I am sure my results will improve.


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Great looking bread!