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Pilot bread/pilot biscuit recipe?

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Pilot bread/pilot biscuit recipe?

In the 1950's I worked at the Arctic Research Lab. in Point Barrow, Alaska.  We were fed in the contractor's mess, where a baker rumored to have been Adolph Hitler's chef at Berctesgaden produced, among other things, small, hard, crusty rolls that were remotely similar to Kaiser rolls.  I wasn't a baker at the time.  I suspect the ingredients were flour, yeast, salt, and water.   I've since tried many recipes that sounded right, but the products are not the same.  They were called pilot rolls or pilot biscuits at the time, but are very different from the pilot biscuits of WWI and earlier times.  The closest in my experience were in a restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Any hints?

Ed Clebsch

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Pilot biscuitsand have enjoyed them with creamy New England "clam chowdah" - they remind me of "beaten biscuits".  Beaten biscuits are an old Southern traditional food, the biscuit dough is rather firm and then is beaten with the rolling pin until the dough blisters, after the biscuits are cut out they are docked with fork tines and then baked.  Because of the beating and the docking, they don't rise very high or at all and are very flaky and dry.  I don't have my recipe for beaten biscuits handy but you could web search on that term.