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hello from california!!

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hello from california!!

Hello!! I love bread. I love bread a lot...but unfortunately I keep having trouble making it. I am looking for a artisan bakery that takes internships/apprenticeships in southern california. I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere? I really want to learn how to make artisan bread but don't have much money to go to baking schools. Any help would be much appreciated. :) Thank you!

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I love your username.  I'm a gardenpig too.

I suggest you start right here on TFL.  There is a tab at the top of the page called "Lessons".  Start with "Your First Loaf" and make it several times.  It is amazing how much you can learn from making the same recipe over and over. 

It won't cost you a dime and you will have all the coaching you need.  Just post pics of your failures and successes and you will get great feedback. 

Good luck!


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Welcome Gardenpig,

Maia is very correct in her advice - you can learn a lot in your own kitchen just by not hesitating to get started and bake a loaf of bread.  The lessons on this site are very good too.  I am a fairly new baker too and my advice is to use the internet - especially YouTube - to get some visuals of how to do some of the basics - mix, knead, and so on.  Additional advice concerning the internet is remember you may find conflicting information so when you do trust the experts (i.e. your favorite bread book) to resolve it for you. This is where TFL community can provide very knowledgable and qhick advice too - there are many very accomplished bakers here with a very sharing attitude - a resource which I would say is unmatched and can be used by us all. 

The apprenticeship route is probably over the top a bit unless you are wanting to explore artisan bread baking as a career.  You would learn a lot but it would be focused toward producing very large volumes of dough and bread with equipment that a home baker does not normally have access to. 

Good luck and get to baking ...


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I, too, am rather new at Artisan baking but have succeeded in my endeavors. It's going to take a little time and a lot of waiting. Actually, your time in making a dough is only about 30 minutes at max, it's the waiting for something to happen that'll get to you.

My advice is, patience and practice.

You'll catch on...



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Thank you for the replies!! i think my failures have something to do with my yeast...and kneading... haha i need to continue practicing. will keep trying! thanks again!