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Hello, new to bread making

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William Tally

Hello, new to bread making


I am new to breadmaking and have had some spectacular failures along with a lot of fun.  But I am learning and luckily just found this website.  I went through the lessons and feel like I just found the "Cliff Notes" on breadmaking.  I plan on baking again tomorrow with my newfound knowledge. 

I like hearty whole wheat bread and enjoy using freshly ground flour (currently use a Vita Mix to grind the flour) with a thick crust.

I look forward to reading and learning on this forum!

William Tally


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TFL is a great resource for bakers, beginners to pros.  I'm glad you found it and look forward to hearing of your adventures in bread land.


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Hi William,

You've found the best place to be for baking

Best wishes


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But a warning - this site is highly addictive, enables procrastinators to put off important but boring assignments, and turns formerly perfectly normal people into nerdy know-it-alls...

Karin (one of those afore mentioned)

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William Tally

Yes, I have felt that "shift in priorities" occurring since I started baking my family's bread two weeks ago.  Fortunately, after going through the lessons on the home page I now have a very nice-looking loaf of whole wheat bread rising - very exciting.  We'll see if I can get my family to like that I am baking bread as much as I do :)

William Tally