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Hi from Naples, FL and a question ?

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Hi from Naples, FL and a question ?

Hi, I have been lurking for a while now and enjoyed receiving an email once or twice aday with updated posts in it. For the past several weeks, I have not received this wonderful email. Did I inadvertently opt out? How can I start receiving it again.




Sara Peterson

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Floyd turned off notification emails for people that hadnt logged in for a long time and for inactive accounts that maybe never have posted before we went out of town for a couple of weeks because there had been some sort of problem with the email notification thing which was hanging and sending out multiple updates over and over again which we had never completely pinned down the error that was caughing the glitch to happen - we just knew it had something to do with the email list which was getting pretty huge.

Since we weren't going to have easy access to the database to cut it off and reset when the problem occurred while we were traveling, we just cut the notification list to way shorter for while we were out of contact. It did cut out lots of folks that hadnt logged in in years who, for all we know, were getting these emails and sending them into spam folders or possibly no longer even checked those emails.

It may be that he included you in that list when we were leaving (sorry about that!) but you can fix this by going to "My account" (on the left) and then click the tab that says "Notification settings" to check your current status and make any changes you desire. Apologies - we figured it was better to err on the side of less is better than more and may have cut a few emails by accident for folks that did, in fact, still want them, than to come back and find out that the database had gone bananas in our absense and had been flooding people's inboxes with like 40 emails per day for the entire time :)