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Want to open a new bakery in China

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Want to open a new bakery in China


I want to open a new bakery in China, but I don't have any networking in China. Does anyone know any good quality dairy products (i.e. butter, cream, milk..etc.) in China? If not, does anyone know if Wal-Mart China sell U.S. dairy products? Or does anyone know any dairy products importer in China?




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I am reasonably sure that they have cows in china.

I would try to find a local source for the dairy products instead of trying to import them from the US. Or are you trying to offer some sort of gimmicky "Imported U.S. Dairy Bread is better than Made in Chinese dairy made Bread"?

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I am not trying to be negative, but, you sound like you have not been there. I have been to China and it is a very different place. You are going to have problems, and setting up the physical plant is the least of them. Labor is also the least. There are very many cultural differences and these must be taken into account. Chinese love to eat, and most of all they love to eat, guess what? Chinese food. Is what you have in mind appropriate for the location that you are interested in? Please keep us posted. I love China, and wanted to do business there, but after traveling there and looking into it I determined that it was beyond me and did not do it.

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Hi JC - you might want to take time to visit China for a period of time to understand the market.  There are many many bakeries. Most of them are taiwanese,  Japanese or Singaporeans that are doing quite well.  There is a small artisan bakery in sporadic places,  mainly where expats are.  I see they are usually small.  The biggest french chain is Paul's  or Paris Baguette.  Chinese do eat bread, but they tend to go for sweet fluffy bread.   There are definitely dairy products in China - the largest I believe is 光明 - a local brand that provides all kinds of dairies including cheese.  They own their own farms too. And Walmart is not really wide spread here,  I don't usually visit Walmart,  and I cannot recall that they have imported goods,  such mega marts usually cater to the locals,  but Carrefour (French brand) is much bigger here, and they do have imported goods. Several other supermarket that sells imported goods are City Shop,  Parkson.  I'm sure you'd be able to get imported goods if need to.  There are many many restaurants here that imports their goods.  Alll the best!

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wow, what a great and ambitious idea. if i may ask, what is your background and how did you come to think of doing this in china? how do you plan on doing hiring, setting up, etc?

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we are not associated with jc, but we open own European Bakery in Southern China. It was easier for us, because it is not our 1st chinese business

you may visit us at

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What breads do you bake and what are retail prices ? The website has no information about that.

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we are working on www and on taobao

Our specialty - slow fermented breads produced without any preservatives or improvers, all natural and healthy. We are bringing to Chinese market very old tradition of European country baking European breads like Rustic, Farmers,  Sourdough, Levine and others with various natural spices, fruits and vegetables. We are making also European style pizza, donuts, cakes and cookies, you name it or require. Our European Bread Master should satisfy yours taste and appetite.


350grams -15RMB

600 grams - 25 RMB

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Where do you want to open one?

Please email to

Do you want to talk about partnership?



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We are in Heshan, 80 km from Hong Kong

having here bakery production facility and shop in central Heshan