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High Gluten Flour

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High Gluten Flour

Hello everyone!

A close friend of mine just gave my 25 pounds of “High Gluten Flour” (All Trumps).  I am not too sure what to do with it; can I use it like regular flour?  Is it bread flour? I am slightly new to bread baking, I have one sourdough starter and have made some acceptable bread so far (or so my fiancé says! ^_^), but this site is fantastic, I am so glad I found it!  

Thank you in advance!


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Boy are you lucky!  Now you can make bagels and other chewy delights.  Most bagel recipes require it and you can use it for anything that needs good gluten formation.  Some folks use it for pizza dough.  Pretzels are another good choice.  I have to buy mine from KA Flour and the shipping is killer.  I always have 5 or 10 lbs. on hand.  Have fun!

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I ended up with a 50 lb bag because Sam's Club didn't carry 25 lb bags like they do regular bread flour.  High gluten flour is great for pizza doughs and regular breads, but remember that it makes a lighter, fluffier loaf.  First time I played with it I didn't bother with a preferment and I was like "Wow, I just created generic white bread!"

 It's useful if doing a whole wheat loaf and you want it really light.  You can also mix in some high gluten flour, about a third of the loaf total and still get a good loaf without the ultra lightness of an all high gluten loaf.

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I won a gift certificate to our local Amish/Mennonite store recently.  I went there yesterday as that is where I get a lot of my flours.  I picked up some semolina flour and decided to try to organic white flour.  It has a nice creamy tan color.  I used it to make a sourdough rye and pain au levain.  I had done a feed on the starter 2 days before and then the sourdough builds the night before.  I did the bake yesterday and I was less than pleased.  All of the loaves did not give me much of an oven spring and tended to spread instead. I have not cut the rye yet but was not happy with the bland flavor I got in the sourdough loaves.  I fed the starter again last night and it has doubled nicely over night.  I may try again today to do a basic sourdough loaf.

So is there different properties to organic flour that might account for the differences in my end results yesterday?  I usually use the KA AP flour and get better results.  As I had to use the whole certificate at one time I got about 18# of this flour. I had thought it would be better for the starter being organic.  Now I am not sure. What are your experiences with organic flours? 

Rena in Delaware