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I'm new here and have been scouring the internet for a recipe for Tostas.  I believe that it's pretty much a catch all phrase for a rustic biscuit type quickbread in the shape of a large english muffin and treated the same way with various spreads depending on the time of meal.  I found them in Spain but can't seem to purchase them or find a recipe for anything similar on the net.  I can find Tostas bars but nothing to help me clue in on the "bread" itself.  It's kind of a cross between a biscuit and a quick bread and a yeast bread so I can't even guess!  Can anyone enlighten me?


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There is a type of biscuit called Angel Biscuit that is made with yeast and baking powder, and it's very light.

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"Tostas", Tortas, "Tapas" bars.


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Hi LyndaBelinda,

Thanks for the further description. Doesn't sound that you are talking about tortas then, wonderful though they are.

As far as I understand it, and I'm open to correction, 'tosta' like 'tostada' can refer to bread that is 'toasted' and/or where the filling is placed on one slice of bread only, as in toast, bruschetta or an open sandwich. Were your breads toasted?

Potentially this could be done with a variety of breads. Whereabouts in Spain did you find these?

Kind regards,  Daisy_A

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Hi and thanks for the replies.

It is Tostas which is not Tapas.  Picture a very large biscuit measuring about 4" across and an inch high.  Lightly browned outside.  They look like they have been baked not deep fried or dry pan fried.  I was offered one with a spread on the side for breakfast in a little morning spot in Madrid.  Investigating the web I found that tostas is as common as our toast and is used much the same way.  I don't know about Tortas and will look into that a little more before I can respond.  Now Angel biscuit sounds right on the mark and I will try to find a recipe for that and a photo.  Is an Angel Biscuit from Spain? 

Thanks again for all the input!