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Has my dough gone bad?

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Has my dough gone bad?

Hello all,

Lately I have been concerned about some of the doughs I have been making, and as much as I have searched the internet for advice, I cannot find anything about this problem.  I have been making a lot of pizza doughs (the original no-knead pizza dough recipe) as well as empanada dough which consists of white flour, vegetable shortening, salt, and water.  I make 3-4 doughballs and generally don't use them all within the same day.  I have heard that pizza dough stays fine refrigerated for about one week, and I always use it within the same week of making it.  I usually freeze the extra empanada dough and set it out the morning of or night before I plan to use what's left.  The problem is that both of these typs of dough have been getting sort of discolored with grey/black spots throughout the dough.  I am really curious what this is and if I should through it out or not.  It seems like it should be ok after being baked, but maybe I am not being cautious enough.  Does anyone have any sort of explanation of what is happening to my dough?

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate your help!



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I've been successfully making pizzas with without this issue. Then, last week, I decided to try a lot less starter (125g instead of 300g for about a kilo of dough) and using about 30% AP 70% high gluten mix instead of all high gluten. My intent was to further slow the rise (I had been doing a 5 day refrigerated rise) and see if I could make the crust a bit more tender. Instead, I have four proofing containers with the sort of discoloration you describe. I'm debating whether to throw it out and call the experiment unsuccessful, but I'm not sure and am eager to see other responses to this thread.

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I found these on the web. I haven't found anything online to indicate it is mold.

One idea is that it is oxydized bran and they said it is harmless and disappears after you bake. This is in the wheat?

The other says it is dying yeast as below. I found a couple of those...This is harmless too. Maybe get some new yeast.

COMMENT: Some experts suggest that these spots are caused by yeast colonies that don't completely disperse during mixing. Apparently the colonies die and release ammonia that discolors the dough.

One place said it is a reaction with the yeast and metal pans. I wouldn't think yours is stored on a pan...