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Hello FromMN

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Hello FromMN

What an amazing site!!!!  I am astounded by the pictures and the sharing of recipies!I will be back often! I love the smell of fresh bread-and am one of the naughty ones who cut in too early with butter in the other hand--lovely warm loaves--delightful!!!!!!! thanks for shareing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!



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Is this not just a wonderful place!  I moved back here after 26 years away in California with my career.  Stopped baking as there were so many terrific bakeries in the Bay Area.  Started baking again and had many issues and problems.  Everyone so helpful here.

Only problem is I am ignoring my email and house work as I spend way too many hours on this site!!!

Being the Summer all my windows are open.  When I bake bread, the neighborhood kids come running over all too eager to eat each loaf when it is still hot to the touch, butter running down their mouths and fingers!!!  I am lucky to get a taste or two in before I am setting more loaves!  LOL

Have a great Summer,