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Lots of bread pics

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staff of life

Lots of bread pics

Hi TFLers:

I posted on here a few times in years past; I got started making and selling bread a few years back (4 to be exact) and didn't have so much time to be on the interwebs anymore. :)  The bread business has succeeded at a far greater scale than I ever imagined.  I wish I had a few pictures of the bread I was making at the outset (for comparison's sake, although I think I would cringe to see them), but here is an album of what I'm doing now:

I also have a slightly different album on my business page on Facebook:!/pages/Staff-of-Life-Bread/108864981255?ref=ts

Thanks so much to the help I've received from this forum!  I still find time to lurk, although I don't post so much anymore.


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I got this one to work for your business:


Beautiful breads, by the way! What kind of flour mill is that?

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Sounds like you have been busy but very happy over the past four years.  It is great to see someone living "the dream" of so many - obviously hardwork and persaverance, good recipes, good ingredience, a passion for baking and producing a quality product, an acceptance of the level of manual labor required and much more has gotten you to where you are.  I am sure many people would enjoy hearing more about your micro bakery - size, equipment, volume and bake schedule (i.e. do you bake at midnight :-)) and in general how you have developed your business and where you want to see it grow.  Thanks in advance for sharing your story and I hope to buy a loaf of your beautiful bread one day.


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Thanks Abbey for sharing these pictures. You have really INSPIRED me!