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Mixers - 7 qt.

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Mixers - 7 qt.

For several years now I've made a very stiff bagel dough (Reinhart recipe) using an old K-45 Kitchenaid mixer. The mixer can handle the dough, but the capacity of the bowl is on the small size. I've been searching for a replacement mixer that can (1) handle this very stiff dough consisting of approx. 8 cups of bread flour, and (2) which can take on larger batches of ordinary bread dough than the K-45 can handle (the dough creeps up the dough hook). I have tried a Viking and Cuisinart, neither of which were able knead the bagel dough. I am now considering the Bosch, Hamilton Beech (commercial), Kenwood, De Longhi. I'd appreciate any advice regarding my options.  Thanks.

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I was doing bagels for the local farmer's market and destroyed my KA600, so I upgraded to a 10 qt Anvil. (not the place I got it from, it was just the first link from Google). I can make enough bagel dough for a dozen bagels (2 lbs of flour), and it makes bread easily. It is an excellent workhorse, and I've been using it for over a year (although I don't do bagels for Market anymore, my tendons gave out). 

Hunt around online and you can probably find it for somewhere under a grand and with free shipping. Costs more than a KA, but is actually built for the kind of work we do.

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Its expensive but I bet it would handle your bagel dough. 

Santos Mixer