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Pain de Campagne Help Needed

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Pain de Campagne Help Needed

I am on the sponge stage of my Pain de Campagne from The Bread Bible. This is my first experience with it. It has doubled, almost tripled, in my 4 quart container and is nearly hitting the plastic wrap on top. What should I do?

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This might reach you too late, but maybe for next time...

I'm not familiar with the Bread Bible directions you are following, but if I were you I'd do one of two things:

  1. Put the sponge in the fridge until you are ready to use it (let it warm up a little before proceeding with your recipe),

  2. Go ahead and use it right away. I have found that a sponge doesn't have to 'crest' before it can be used. You might lose a little in the flavour department, but not too much.

Hope this helps.

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Renee B

You can get the best flavor from your peasant bread if youi leave the sponge in the fridge over night.  Let it rest for maybe 20 minutes at rm temp. before putting it in the fridge.  This will also give you a leg up on oven spring.