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Howdy howdy

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Sour Joe

Howdy howdy

Living on my own for the first time and took up baking and noodle-making partly to pinch some pennies(in Del Mar, only white flour and lard are cheap) and also in part for the culinary learning experience as I'm hoping to get into the culinary field someday if I can ever figure out how to get the 2+ years experience that local employers are looking for in their prep cooks.

As it is, I make pizza from scratch 2-3 times a week, am looking to make some sort of sweet once a week in a bid to keep from eating the cookies at work(this week is cinnamon buns), and am thinking that I'd like to be able to make rolls, buns, and loafs of various types as dinner commands. I'm hoping that I can learn enough here to eat more like a king and less like a penny-pinching college student.

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 There are lots of very knowledgeable members on this site that are willing and able to answer any questions you may have. It's the next best learning venue to actually apprenticing or going to trades college. Read all the forum posts, ask questions, get books from the library, and bake as often you can. This craft takes many years to learn and you never stop learning new things about it...ever.  Good luck and welcome.


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You are definitely in the right place!

Wonderful that you are set on eating well by cooking from scratch! Your body will thank you....